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Good nutrition

Dietary requirements

If we are aware of any child’s particular dislikes then these are catered for. For children with special dietary needs, including allergies and religious beliefs, we work closely with parents and the cooks to provide for the individual needs of the child concerned.


We have specialist support from dieticians, providing healthy, well-balanced menus. Our menus always include fresh fruit and vegetables and a dairy product. Children are always given the option of having fresh fruit for dessert if they do not like the choice on offer. We provide all home-cooked recipes using fresh ingredients that are bought locally on a daily basis. We have as much fruit as possible for puddings and try to restrict children’s intake of sweet and salty foods and any foods with additives.

Speak with us to discuss any dietary requirements on - 024 7667 2660


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Our latest OFSTED inspection rated us as "Outstanding" in all areas!

Sample menus

Browse our nursery sample menu by clicking here.

Note that we are happy to blend or mash food as necessary to suit the developing needs of our Toddler Group children.

If you have any specific requirements, don't hesitate to contact us.

At A B C Childcare we appreciate the importance of good nutrition in promoting the physical health and well-being of your child. We encourage our children to be very active and so they need a diet that provides the correct amounts of calories and nutrients. Please see our nursery Nutrition Policy for further information.