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Our nursery has three clearly defined areas, all of which work independently to cater for a specific nursery age group. Children eat, sleep and play in their own area, but can also utilise resources and facilities in other areas when appropriate.

Our groups

Raindrop Group

Our Raindrop group range in age from approximately 18 months to 2 and a half years, and are based upstairs in the main building.

The group caters for up to 16 children at any one time, and has three separate activity- based rooms. The Raindrop group have their own garden area with an artificial grass area designed with our early walkers in mind.

Toddler Group

The Toddler group of up to 12 children is based across two separate rooms with four specially trained staff. The light and airy conservatory room is specifically designed for activities such as sand and water play, while the other more relaxed room with its own quiet area is geared towards heuristic play and child development. The Toddlers also benefit from their own covered outside play area.

Pre-school Group

The Pre-School group is made up of two school years, the younger year are often referred to as our 'Rainbow' children. The area caters for older children up to school age, based on the ground floor of the main building. Children can access the whole of the ground floor and have free-flow within the free-play sessions into the garden and decking area.

Any questions on our groups? Call us on - 024 7667 2660

Records kept

Care files

Available in our Toddler area to give a detailed breakdown of your child's day

Sleep times, nappies changes, dinners / teas/ snacks eaten are all recorded on a daily basis

Our online monitoring system is used in all areas of the nursery and helps track your child's progress- including videos and photos with email alerts to parents

We have extensive grounds with sole use for our children, boasting a vast range of learning experiences and fun activities

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