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Sarah Ginn- Director

Sarah is Maggie and David’s daughter, and attended the nursery when it was first open in 1983. She has a BA (Hons) in Business Administration from Cardiff University, and is a qualified Tax Accountant. Sarah moved back from south Wales to work in the family business in 2010. Both Sarah's children currently attend ABC Nursery, in the Raindrop and Pre-School groups respectively.




Anthea Griffin- Nursery Manager

Anthea started work at ABC 9 years ago as a Nursery Assistant, and studied on the job for her Level 3 in childcare. Anthea has since worked her way up in the organisation, and has been the Nursery Manager for the past 4 years. During this time, Anthea has gained her Level 4 qualification, and has started a degree in Child Psychology. Anthea is a qualified Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and works closely with Coventry City Council to ensure any children with additional needs within the nursery are looked after in a caring and appropriate manner.


Nabila Bibi- Deputy Manager

Nabila has worked at ABC for 9 years, and is a Level 3 in Childcare, Learning and Development and Business Admin. She is also currently studying for her Management Level 5, and is a qualified SENCO. Nabila is in charge of ‘Tapestry’, the nursery’s online monitoring and observation system, and helps ensure the nursery is working within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. Nabila is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and Mirpuri.




Carolyn Ogrizovic- Senior Team Leader

Carolyn’s involvement with the nursery started when her children came here around 20 years ago. Carolyn then came to ABC to do her NNEB training, and came back to work permanently 10 years ago. Carolyn is in charge of planning for the Pre-School and Raindrop group, and overseas this for the rest of the nursery.





Laura Rand- Team Leader, Pre- School Group

Laura has been working in childcare for the past 3 years, and completed her Level 3 in June 2013, shortly after she joined the team at ABC. Laura has recently been promoted to Team Leader of our Pre-School group, and is in charge of Profiles and observations for the team.





Yali Li- Nursery Nurse, Pre- School Group

Yali is a qualified teacher with a degree in Chemistry, gained whilst living in China. She also completed her UK Level 3 in childcare in August 2012. Yali speaks fluent Mandarin and has been at ABC for almost 3 years. Yali currently works with the youngest Rainbow children.





Gillian Jones- Nursery Nurse, Pre- School Group

Gillian has worked with children since leaving school 12 years ago. Gillian gained both her Level 2 and 3 alongside her work commitments, and joined the team at ABC in April 2013. Gillian is responsible for our afternoon pre-school children group, and supports our younger Rainbows during morning group time.





Rebecca Mitchell- Nursery Nurse, Pre- School Group

This is Rebecca’s first full time position in childcare, as she recently completed her Level 3 in July 2014. Becca also covers in our Toddler Room over the lunch time, and is quickly picking up lots of experience working with children of different ages. Becca is a qualified dance instructor and takes our weekly dance class with the Pre- School and Rainbows group








Nicola Mumford- Team Leader, Raindrop Group

Nicci started at ABC 8 years ago, in 2006. She qualified as a Level 3 in 2007, and is currently Team Leader in charge of Profiles and observations for the Raindrop Group. Nicci also undertakes the Two Year Checks for our Raindrop children.







Sarah Callaghan- Senior Nursery Nurse, Raindrop Group

Sarah started at ABC as an apprentice in 2006 and completed her Level 3 in 2008. Sarah is in charge of Health and Safety for the nursery, and works full time within our Raindrop group, with special focus on the younger aged children.







Charlotte Tooth- Nursery Nurse, Raindrop Group

Charlotte qualified as a Level 3 in 2010, after starting at ABC as an apprentice in 2008. Charlotte currently works 3 days a week, having returned from maternity leave earlier in the year. Charlotte has experience of working in all areas at ABC, and occasionally covers in our Toddler Group.





Claire Robertson- Nursery Nurse, Raindrop Group

Claire started at ABC in July 2014, and has over 5 years’ experience working in childcare settings across Coventry and the surrounding area. Claire gained her Level 3 in July 2009, and is enjoying the new and varied experience of working at ABC.





Sonia Hindochia- Nursery Nurse, Raindrop Group

Sonia started at ABC two years ago, with over 5 years’ experience of working in childcare. She has since gained her Level 3 childcare qualification. Sonia currently works as lunchtime and relief cover at the nursery, and is fluent in Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi.






Michelle Howarth- Team Leader, Toddler Group

Michelle is Team Leader in charge of both planning and profiles for our toddler group. Michelle was at ABC for 9 years from 2000, and gained her BTEC diploma in childcare. Michelle returned to ABC in 2010 and has been the Team Leader in our Toddler room for the past three years.




Natasha Pine- Nursery Nurse, Toddler Group

Natasha completed her Early Years Childhood Degree in 2012, and joined ABC soon after qualifying. Natasha has worked in our Toddler room for the last 18 months, and has gained some excellent experience settling and caring for our youngest children.






Lydia Tift- Nursery Nurse, Toddler Group

Lydia has been working with children since she was 17 years old, and gained her Level 3 qualification 4 years ago. Lydia joined the team at ABC in April 2014 and predominately works in our Toddler Group, although also covers in all areas of the nursery.






Joanne Jamieson- Nursery Nurse, Pre-School Group

Jo has worked in the Financial Services industry since leaving school, up until 2012 when she decided to embark on a change of career after being made redundant.  Jo joined ABC in January 2013 and completed her Level 2 in childcare that year.  She is currently working towards her Level 3 qualification.  Jo supports and works alongside Nabila with one of pre-school children groups.



Brianna Fitzsimmons- Nursery Assistant, Pre-School Group

Brianna has recently joined our team as cover staff- mainly in our Pre-School team, but also in other areas of the nursery. Brianna is originally from Toronto, Canada, where she also worked with children. Brianna is currently studying for her UK Level 3 in childcare. Brianna also helps take our weekly dance classes as she is a trained dancer. Brianna is a fluent French speaker and also undertakes a weekly French class with our Pre-School group






Diana Hands

Diana joined ABC 8 years ago as a career change- previously Diana was a qualified nurse. Diana works as lunchtime cover and takes a dinner table in our pre-school group.


Sarah Eaves

Sarah has been working at ABC for two years, after wanting a change from secretarial work. Sarah is enjoying the atmosphere of working at the nursery, and most of all the fact that the children are always happy to see you when you arrive for work.









Jason Horseley- Team Leader

Jason joined ABC in 1998, initially as a part time tea cover. Jason has worked his way up over the last 16 years, and is now in charge of the nursery catering. Jason is a qualified Food Hygiene technician.


Jane Smith – Nursery cook

Jane has been working at ABC since September 2013, and is responsible for cooking all the lunchtime meals, taking into account all the varying dietary needs of our children.






Diana Bedi

Diana is AAT and part ACCA qualified. Diana joined ABC in May 2013, from a manufacturing accounting background, and is enjoying the variety and experience of working in the childcare sector.


Meet the Staff Team

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