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Make an appointment for our nursery sessions on 024 7667 2660


Hear what our parents have to say about our service:

We are very happy to say that we regularly receive compliments from our parents on the quality of the service we offer and on the beneficial effect we have upon their children.


Here are a few of our favourite ‘thank yous’ we have received over the years:


"I will always remember:

The staff with silver antennae on their heads on silver day,

For never getting angry but getting ‘sad’ when the children are naughty,

For sharing the cook’s secret of her cheese and potato pie recipe,

For their unwavering welcome, calm and diplomacy, sympathy, humour and respect,

For their love and hugs for my children,

For steadfastly giving my children a loving reflection even when they are pushing their luck !!


In my experience the nursery is a safe place where each child is valued, encouraged and affirmed with sensitivity and respect. Where no detail or idiosyncrasy is treated as being unimportant … Where staff are steadfast and responsive.

A place where my children have rejoiced in coming and have been reluctant to leave."



“I can’t thank the nursery staff enough for how they have helped my two children during their time at ABC. My son was very unsettled when he first started, but the care, attention and love shown to him by the Raindrops staff meant he was soon reluctant to leave at the end of the day.

Academically, both of my children have progressed in leaps and bounds, and are way above their friends in other nurseries in their understanding and knowledge- this has been passed onto them in such fun and varied ways, they don’t even realise that they are learning more and more on a daily basis.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the nursery to anyone who asks- in fact I regularly sing it’s praises without even being asked the question!



“I found out about ABC through recommendation from friends. The care and security you provide, and the variety of learning experiences, means that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it further”



“Fantastic! The staff have helped my son progress with his speech & language and social skills so much. We can’t thank everyone enough- they try so hard to include him at every opportunity, and we receive an in depth report on a daily basis which is very helpful.”



“The staff are always available for a chat if needed and also really helpful with practicalities e.g. payment, change of days etc. My daughter loves nursery and all the staff. She is really confident and this has to be helped by how the staff are with her.”



"I felt the need to add my comments to your questionnaire, as I thought many times about speaking to the nursery owner to say how happy I am to have a place for Shaun with yourselves- I know you are approachable, but also very busy.

I am a business owner myself, and after many years of working with the public, I find that people are very quick to stamp their feet when something is wrong, but not so forthcoming when something is good!


I would like to tell you that a client of my mothers owns a Coventry nursery, and when she asked where Shaun went, her response was full of praise. She said that ABC had a reputation as one of the best nurseries in Coventry, with very high standards, where the staff are treated well, therefore are happy in their workplace which shines through to the children. Everyday Shaun is told we are going to (school), he cant get to the door fast enough, with his shoes in his hand!


Since Shaun has been at nursery, I have noticed many little things that he does, of which I have not taught him, so must come from yourselves. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do for Shaun, and apologies in advance for the ‘terrible two’s’ that are ahead, and hope he behaves himself whilst at school!

Many thanks"

J. F.

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